Monday, August 12, 2013

Justice vs Retribution

It would seem that one of my posts is quite popular in comparison to others made in the past, thank you all for that. I'd like to take a brief moment to thank Twitter users Alan Lewis of Florida and the host of The Herd Mentality Podcast, Adam Reakes of Sydney Australia, and also I'd like to thank this guy for not just simple re-tweets and mentions but for really lighting the motivational fires under their own asses and helping to put my cause out there. 

If you have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about, you need to see THIS.

Thanks again to the previously mentioned folks on Twitter, but thank all of you reading my blog just for hearing me out. I realize the issue of rape in the US military is a dark and muddy subject, with quite literally too many victims to count, and my story is just one among those but there IS something that distinguishes my situation from the woeful tales of the many that made it back alive: THAT should be crystal clear if you've read my post and watched the clip of me telling my story.

I want to thank YOU, reader, for your support and understanding. If you're reading this now then just THAT means a world of difference to me, that means I have a chance to get my message to the American public: Not only is harassing or raping your fellow Soldiers disgusting, not only does that manner of behavior have no place in the modern American military OR ANYWHERE, but to purposely allow such conditions to exist (especially as "punishment" for Soldiers who screw up) will have severe and life-long consequences reaching far beyond the Uniform.

And if any of you I served with down-range are just now reading this, if this isn't making you angry or afraid then you're in for a very unpleasant surprise indeed.

The United States Army got their pound of flesh from me and then some, now I'm going to serve up my former squad-mates and leaders and hold them accountable in any way I reasonably and legally can. 

As for anyone else who knows my story, all I ask of you is to share it: Tweet it, Post it and/or send it to your friends. ESPECIALLY if they're in the military themselves, it's high time the Department of Defense acknowledges just how ingrained the issue really is: Soldiers are harassing and trying to rape one another as a means of punishment for UCMJ violations and that shit has to stop NOW.

Thank you for reading and sharing, and if you're not subscribed to The Herd Mentality you are seriously missing out!

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  1. In this case, 'Justice' and 'Retribution' will probably end up being one and the same.

    I wouldn't hold it against you if you hired a Hitman to take care of that pezzo di merde you simply refer to as 'R' in the last blog post.