Sunday, May 25, 2014

Want to "Thank" Me For My Service?

I hope you're all safely enjoying Memorial Day Weekend, but before you eat another burger, buy another Louis Vuitton purse on sale, or drink another beer on the beach today... I have something I need of you. If you want to REALLY thank me for my military service, you can share this little "art project" with your Battle-Buddies and get them to talk about it with their Chain of Command. E-mail it to the Army Times, even though I know they don't give a fuck about this subject and are probably sick of hearing from me about it.
Please enjoy responsibly.

UPDATE 27-MAY-2014:
Um... so it seems this post is in the process of going viral, because it got about a thousand hits in 24 hours. That's more hits in one day than ANY PREVIOUS POST I've made so far, even the ones that I've deliberately plastered on every Facebook page & trending hashtag on Twitter in the past. Wow, thanks for getting this out there, folks! PLEASE keep it up, every person that sees this is another person who might actually decide to write to their Congressman/woman or Senator, which is EXACTLY what survivors need. Remind our elected officials & military "leaders" who it is they actually work for!

BUT, I also needed a moment to address something else that came up yesterday as an immediate result of this post's sudden "popularity" because it's actually quite relevant to the timing of this whole project. There's a deliberate reason why I chose a national holiday to do this...