Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I'm not going to bother with a stupid joke about my screen resolution, I've already blown off going for a jog this morning because I got diarrhea. Hey, I'm honest, even to my own detriment. Every New Year people make up goals they want to achieve and work towards only to watch them fizzle within a few months, maybe weeks. So for the most part, I don't invest TOO MUCH energy in the idea of New Year's Resolutions because I know exactly how severe of a procrastinator I really am. A LOT of crazy things happened in 2013, a lot of people are very angry about the state of our country and I can't rightly say I blame them. In the case of the Tea-Tards, I think a lot of their anger is extremely misguided, but I've given up trying to have conversations with people that only want to drag others down into the muck with them.

So instead of coming up with obtuse goals for myself that I have no way of knowing wether or not they'll work out, I have a list of things I WOULD LIKE TO SEE HAPPEN in 2014. Do I have the power to make any of them happen outright? Probably not, it's wishful thinking for the most part.

  1. ABSOLUTE ACQUITTAL for Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning.
  2. Some sort of court case or even a Senate Hearing for evaluating whether or not to revoke tax-exemption status for our nation's all-too-many mega-churches, because let's face it, religion is a booming business these days. If these institutions want to tell people how to vote, they can pay up like the rest of us.
  3. I would really like to see some serious progress being made on solving the problem of mass gun violence WITHOUT infringing on the rights of law abiding citizens to own and carry fire-arms. I'm a gun-owner myself, but I am not unsympathetic or uncaring regarding the number of people who didn't need to die because of some lunatic who got a hold of a weapon. I'm a firm believer that we can stop, or at least greatly curb, the cycle of violence without feeling the ineffective need to ban or confiscate ANYTHING.
  4. Our military has put too many Band-Aids over the ever-pouring bullet-wounds of rape and sexual harassment within their ranks, now that a glimmer of hope has begun to shine from within our Senate (one of the few things they seem to have TRIED to get right in all of 2013) I hope to see not only the number of incidents drop dramatically, but for serious prosecutions of ALL OFFENDERS, Officers or Enlisted, male or female, and that they get their asses handed to them.
  5. Enough with the goddamn Reality TV shows whose casts are made up from the bottom-feeding dregs of society, already! Nobody worth a damn GIVES a damn about these fuckers!
  6. Progress, if not completion, of thoroughly decriminalizing & legalizing medicinal & recreational use of marijuana in the United States: Save prison cells for the murderers and rapists that truly deserve to be there, not for some college kid who got caught with a bowl in his car by a bored and burned out "cop".
  7. More space missions, seriously. THAT would just be awesome for EVERYONE!
I know it may seem a tad short, but it's only the first of the year and I want to be as fair and reasonable as I can.

People are going to do dumb things, politicians will try to get away with as much dumb-fuckery as their corporate sponsors will let them, religious extremists will keep trying to sell the same propaganda that they always do (and keep using the same tired excuses for it, too) so I really don't think THAT is going to change at all in 2014. I do, however, think that people who are already tired of this nonsense will finally raise their voices and do what they can (hopefully within the realm of the law) to make some serious changes and make life better for themselves & everyone else.

Enjoy the new year, kids!

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  1. #3 - 7 sound great to me. #2 is not likely to happen anytime soon but, I do wonder about some of these Mega-churches... As for #1... Well, I need to see everything those 2 individuals released to the world.

    I might be willing to let Snowden off the hook. He exposed something that needed to be told to the American public. Manning compromised a LOT of stuff that should have stayed quiet. The world did not need to know that the State Dept. had an informal deal with China to let the DPRK fall apart & get absorbed into the Republic of Korea. That set back some of the negotiations we've had with them on and off for the last few years over their nuke program.