Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I am so very nearly done, it's almost physically painful to think about: It's been a somewhat difficult semester, but after I finish writing these 4 papers that are all due Monday I think I could honestly say I survived. I'm going to have an entire summer to do pretty much whatever I want, but I want to avoid making the same summer mistake I made last year: Nothing at all.

I need a summer job, and serving fried chicken simply won't do: For the first time in years, I'm taking open commissions for art (yes, I'll do sketches for tattoos this time)

Once the semester is officially over, I'll have nothing but time & energy to work on whatever I can whenever I can, for a modest fee of course. My preferred medium is acrylic paint or charcoal, I've done some experiments with ink and I'm open to reasonable suggestions. And yes, I'll consider drawing that totally awesome tattoo you want: I stopped drawing tattoos for people when I was in the Army because dudes would have me design something awesome only to "forget" to pay me for my work, then cry when I wouldn't give them the drawings anyway. BUT, since my circumstances have significantly improved since then I am waiving this provisionally. Sadly, I have NO TRAINING in any digital media, so things like photoshop are out.

NOTE: "Exposure" is not an acceptable form of payment, but cash & checks are. I work, you pay me, everyone's happy.

I have a few examples of my work scattered throughout my Instagram, and a few on this very blog. Within my preferred medium, I can do just about anything

Please send inquiries to: