Sunday, August 3, 2014

Enough Already

I just got done talking to the Fayetteville (Arkansas) P.D. about 20 minutes ago. I called them over to my apartment because for the second time in about 2 weeks, someone has tried to get inside while I'm at home. Please, nobody panic: They didn't try to kick down my door or smash the window, instead they've been trying to come in through the front door. Which is really fucking weird, they never say anything at all, they just push on the door itself and keep turning the handle. 
THIS TIME it sounded like they even tried putting their key into the lock and kept trying to turn it. 
Both times, the police said that they didn't see anyone anywhere near my door. Aparrently, neither did my neighbors (it's possible that they didn't happen to notice.) So either I have THE dumbest fucking stalker known to man, the same drunk from 2 weeks ago still thinks that they live in my apartment, or I'm losing my damn mind. 
Life is good for me right now: Good grades, awesome husband, I've started painting again... WHY does someone keep doing this? The first time it happened, it scared the shit out of me. THIS TIME, it scared me, of course, but now I'm also a bit embarassed and rather pissed off about it. 
I've got my Smith & Wesson within reach and now there's a chair braced against the door, I'll be okay for now. In the morning I'm going to call my doctor at the V.A. and maybe see about getting my head checked out, then maybe go shopping for a descreet camera to put up outside my door. Hey, it's not paranoia if it has a practical purpose, is it?
I'm just ranting & talking this through, really. I already know I'm not going to sleep worth piss tonight anyway, gotta keep my mind occupied somehow. 
Please, don't come knocking on my door after dark. Please, just don't. In fact, from here on out, no one comes to my house without an invite or a damn warrant, got it? Good. 
I'll be fine, really. 
Goodnight all, please stay safe tonight.


  1. It's not paranoia to put a camera outside your door. Especially if they really are out to get you... ;)

  2. Have you considered a game/hunting camera? Low cost, easy to set up, includes a motion detector....