Friday, March 7, 2014

Well Fuck You, Too.

Yesterday, 45 Senators voted to filibuster the Military Justice Improvement Act. Senator John Boozeman of Arkansas was among them, which comes as a colossal disappointment considering that he e-mailed me PERSONALLY going on about how "committed" he was to "solving this very serious issue."

Okay, Mr Senator, I guess elected officials who (are supposed to) work off of tax-payer money just do whatever the fuck they want, then? Many of you rally up and absolutely worship Servive-Members & Veterans, yet once the polls close and you manage to get re-elected you lot step all over us like we're mere insects.

Don't worry, Mr Boozeman, your party's arrogance will continue to do itself in over then next decade or so and hopefully you'll never again have to suffer the pressures of actually making good on your own words. 

JENIFER L CHADBOURNE (A Veteran you {oh you WISH!} bent over a desk yesterday)


  1. First, Thank you for your Service. I don't know why you signed up, but you did. Whether or not any of us agree on any particular reason we are deployed where we are, the Fact remains that we could be called upon to actually Defend our country at any given moment. That's all that matters, so when I say Thank You, that's the heart of my Thanks. I enlisted, too, so I know, k?

    That said, they all work for the bankers. We The People just don't matter. It sickens me to no end that those of us who signed those papers seem to mean even less. Keep sending letters. One day, the right letter will land in front of the right pair of eyes and sink in to the right brain. Things can't stay in the suck forever. There Has to be high times to go with the lows. That's just the nature of the multiverse, savvy?

    1. I hear you there, as I have been since I hung up my uniform. And thank YOU, BTW, as well. With every person who reads and comments on my posts, it makes me feel like I'm not just screaming into the void.