Monday, March 24, 2014

The Long Hard Road out of Hell

I just concluded a two-hour long interview with a representative from Human Rights Watch about everything that my Unit put me through in Iraq. I'm extremely optimistic about the outcome of this painfully lengthy but very necessary documentation process, it makes things "official" that I'm not just shouting into the abyss with my story. Many survivors of military sexual trauma seem to get the feeling that nobody wants to hear their sob stories, and I admit that for a good long while I had been feeling the exact same way. But NOW, despite feeling residual reverberation from re-telling every horrible little incident & detail, I'm actually feeling pretty good about this.

THIS is the point of no return, I cannot recant or retract my public testimony at this point, and despite all the pain this whole ordeal has caused me I wouldn't want to.

It's entirely possible that things might get harder for me in some ways now, but this needed to happen: Today I stood in the middle of the road directly in the path of the tank that wanted to crush me, I have stepped up the game and I AM WINNING.

I say this a lot, but I'd like to thank each and every person, podcast & project that has given me a platform from which to speak out. 

I have A LOT OF BEERS to buy for people ^_^ 

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