Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"The Phone Call"

No matter where you come from, leaving always seems painful at first. Eventually it does get easier, then after a while you wonder what the fuck took you so long. I think the same can be said for those of us who also left religion behind, any religion at all (to include 'harmless and positive' ones like Wicca.)
I had the pleasure of watching a recent video on TheThinkingAtheist's channel called "The Phone Call." Basically it was a simulated conversation between a skeptical young man and his devoutly religious mother, the dynamic in that conversation was unnerving but touching. I made my response as brief and concise as I could without rambling on too much, as I tend to do. Essentially this was my first attempt at a de-conversion story.

Well, what I'm comfortable attaching my face and voice to for the time being (for legal and professional reasons.)

Enjoy ^_^

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