Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Comment

Being a native New-Englander, I was horrified to shivers when I saw what went down in Boston a few days ago. I'm glad that no one close to me was hurt, but I'm infuriated that innocent people were killed (to include an 8-year-old boy) during what was supposed to be a happy and fun occasion. Then there were stories of those who ran toward the carnage trying to help others who had been hurt, the rage inside shut it's snarling mouth at that point.

But now as I see other tweets and FaceBook comments popping up from across the country, it's started showing teeth again.

First there was a suspect in custody, a 20 year old student from Saudi Arabia. I admit, I too at first thought this may have been the guy who did it, but then as evidence surfaced and more reports came out it looked like that wasn't the case. I made a flash-judgement on a total stranger because of what the news had been saying, I should have known better but my brain got carried off in it anyway.

Then there were waves of ignorant tweets from the Conservative Right blaming "the Godless" for this attack, saying that this happened because we somehow managed to evict an all-knowing and all-powerful sky-daddy who is perfectly capable of protecting himself but for some reason needs his sheeple to do it for him on the internet... Gimmie a fucking break! This is NOT about you and your imaginary friend! Real people have been killed and seriously injured, let the FBI sort out the reasons and the details!

Even IF your god exists (never-mind Loki, Krishna, Ares, etc...) who the fuck are you to dictate their reasoning?

Now to address people blaming the Muslims: Go fuck yourselves with a fist full of rusty nails, seriously. At the moment I'm typing this, there is absolutely no evidence or accurate report indicating that this was pulled off by middle-eastern terrorists: I'd also like to remind everyone that the 2nd most lethal terrorist attack on US soil was orchestrated and executed by Timothy McVeigh, a born and bred American Citizen. It's happened before, it could very well have happened again.

I hope they find out who did this and lock them up in a steel box forever, in the meantime I think there are several organizations in need of assistance and donations. If anyone has any links to them, please comment with them below so I can do MY part (aside from my usual ranting.)

Were I not trapped here in Southern Arizona, I'd have hopped the train to the Fleet Center and done it in person. I guess PayPal will have to do this time.

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