Thursday, July 24, 2014

Get Help, A.S.A.P.

What you're about to see is probably going to make your jaw drop from disgust, but I think you should see it nonetheless. These are screen-caps of some kind of mental/emotional breakdown from some dude that I deployed with in Iraq. Before this jerk used to come to my room late at night and hit on me CONSTANTLY (to include following me to my room a couple of times, then begging me not to tell his wife about his behavior) it's almost hard to believe that we were at one point, friends. That was a different time and he was a VERY different person.

NOW look at him... 

Gee, who's fault do you think THAT is...?

After having read these for yourself, you may find it curious to know that this bigoted insanity came from the mind of a black man (hash-tag "self-loathing")

Folks, as much as I shit-talk organized religion for it's en-masse absurdity and brazen endorsement for such hateful fucking behavior, at least I can honestly say that I've never stooped to the level of wishing death upon a group of people that I don't like. And I DEFINITELY don't have the arrogance to blame other people when I get called out for my occasional bad behavior (it has happened before, I'm an adult and I'm not ashamed to admit it.) No, I'm not sorry for posting this all over the Internet: It NEEDS to be seen, addressed and taken care of. 

Barring my inherent inability to forgive people who remain unapologetic for any wrongdoing they've done upon me, Jamie is also, obviously, very sick and needs help. 

Soldiers, there's a lesson to be learned from this: Never ever EVER piss off your P.A.O. 

24-JULY-2014 UPDATE: Nice try, Jamie, but that passive-aggressive bull-shit doesn't work on me. Thank you for proving me right about your psychosis, though. Don't ever try to contact me again.


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  2. I will pray for your uncompassionate soul Jen Chadbourne. May God save you from your fallings and may your enemies not rise up agaisnt you and strike your prideful self down. I'm sorry that you feel so little of your self that you prey on other people to try to make your self seem important. May you find the peace that your soul is so desperately looking for. I will pray that you find that peace and some wisdom and understanding of people and the human condition. J+M+J

    1. 1., You aparrently decided to skip over the update where I VERY CLEARLY SAID "don't ever try to contact me again." Do you really think I don't recognize your initials? You never COULD quite grasp the concept of what "no" meant.
      2., Someone calling for genocide of an entire group of people and blasting all kinds of racist bullshit is in no position whatsoever to give me any lectures on "compassion" or deluded ideas of self-importance and morality.
      3., You have no right to be pissed off at me, you did this to YOURSELF. No one held a gun to your head and MADE YOU post all of that hateful shit for everyone to see, that is 100% on YOU. This is the INTERNET: If you don't want to be called out for being a bigot, then don't be a fucking bigot.
      4., Read this next part and get it in your head, because if I have to repeat myself, it's not going to be a pleasant experience for you: Do. Not. EVER. Contact. Me. Again. Not online, not in the real world (not that you know what that is,) not anywhere, not for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER.

    2. If you were taught logic in school you would be able to tell that this is not Jamie. The J+M+J stands for Jesus Mary and Joseph 3 people you greatly need I your life deary. I'm sorry that you are in such an emotional erratic state you are lacking logic skills as right now. However child I would ask you refrain from cussing at me I did not cuss at you I would ask you afford me the same respect. Finally I only mean to point out how wrong it is what you are doing and something you might want to consider casting judgements on people during such a time of upheavel across the world is hardly someone should be doong. Who knows what pain this person is going through with the state the world is in. And apparently you are to based on what rage all your post seem to scream out at everyone who comes in contact with you hence I shall pray for you dear.

    3. And honey if you don't want people to disagree with your also hatered blog you should also not post online. Maybe consider a diary or better yet a therapist. Being a hateful person back to someone who is hateful just spreads more hate maybe you should go out and hig someone