Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Herd Mentality Podcast: Episode 53

If you are an Active Duty/National Guard or Reserve Soldier, you need to hear this and share it with your Battle-Buddies. This episode is discussing the ACTUAL PROBLEM that is the ongoing plague of sexual assault & harassment within the ranks. Yes, that woman's voice you are hearing is in fact MINE (after the opening 2 minutes & about 30 seconds) telling my story and airing my honest thoughts and feelings. The other voice accompanying mine is that of noted blogger Kevin McGill, who has been working very hard over the years to make serious changes to how the American military handles cases of sexual assault & harassment. 

And if you honestly think that this issue has little or no impact on the civilian world, then YOU ESPECIALLY need to hear this! 

After you have a listen, you need to share this. Seriously, link it to your co-workers & even your boss. E-mail it to your Senators & the Department of Defense, let them reap the rotten fruits they've insisted on sowing over the years. Send this to the Army Times, even though I KNOW they don't want to fucking hear it: THEY definitely need to, wether they want to admit it or not.

For a more detailed (less abbreviated & uncensored) version of the events that inspired this, clear the next 20 minutes of your schedule & click here. 

Thank you again, Adam Reakes, for taking the time to not only hear me out but also for giving me a soap-box on your awesome frikkin' program: I owe you SO MUCH BEER! And thank you, Kevin McGill, for also being a loud & proud voice for others who've suffered from this. 

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