Friday, February 7, 2014

An Extreme Case

"Feminist" is a tricky word to solidly define, but the general idea applies to one who would strive to see women regarded fairly and equally in all aspects of society. I can see why, even at the most basic of levels, this idea makes conservative skin begin to crawl. But it's my general impression these days that even among my fellow liberals that the term sounds pretty dicey to the mind. No one in their right mind wants to look like, sound like but especially BE a misogynist (arguably, this is one of the oldest and most deeply ingrained prejudices in human culture, it's going to take a lot of hard work to fight it out of existence) but very recently I came across one of the rare individuals whom I believe betrays the title outright.

No self respecting feminist likes the stereotype of the "Man-Hating Feminazi" but as with many cultural stereotypes, they come from SOMEWHERE. Ridiculous as they are, there are a few people out there (not specifically women, as I have had interactions with only a few men who might agree to these terms) who take ANY IDEA to the farthest possible reaches of absurdity and keep reaching out further. As with any idea, religious or otherwise, Feminism has historically been no exception to this unfortunate trend.

I believe I have found one such individual who fits the description of an extremist almost perfectly.

I'm not going to lie about it, I was drinking while filming my little "critique"

I say and do a lot of weird shit, I certainly don't expect people to agree with it and I would hope that if someone DOES disagree they can feel comfortable stating as such, so long as they clearly state their reasons and provide evidence for their claims. I'm completely fine with people questioning me, so long as they do so for good reasons (and I draw a line at threats & Ad Hominem, though I admit sadly having stooped to AH at the end of this video. I'll do my dam nest to avoid it in future content.)

I'm not joking, I think the entire premise of this piece is absolute, convoluted and speculative horse-shit, with little or no substantial evidence with which to give this particular individual's opinions any actual ground on which to stand. And ordinarily I wouldn't have bothered to acknowledge this beyond a chuckle, however OMG LOOK AT SOME OF THE FUCKING COMMENTS!!!

Wow, why would any sane/rational person ever lend credence to someone who admits to not living in the real world and/or practically being diagnosable as insane? Mentally is is not the same as being insane, mind you.

Really? THAT'S your standard of evidence? That 'every hetero female's "first time" is painful' ergo it's rape? Um, well, to be honest MINE wasn't really all that painful at all. I've had vaccinations that have hurt more than being penetrated. And if it hurts THAT MUCH, that's a sign that something else is probably wrong and medical intervention might be imminent.

THIS is why everyone's ideas/opinions DON'T deserve blind nods of "respect" because while certainly, people have the RIGHT TO their ideas (however bat-shit fucking loco they may be) the ideas themselves are not above criticism and scrutiny.

But I encourage my readers and friends to have a look and decide for themselves, Yes, I've been quite rude, but at this point I don't care: If I HAVE TO be able to stand to criticism and questioning of my ideas, then why shouldn't I apply that to anyone else's ideas?

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