Saturday, March 30, 2013

Can Has Photo-Copy?

1 year and 5 doctors later, I am still not "fixed." Yesterday I had met with a doctor a the University of Arizona Medical Center about the problems I've been having since February of 2012: I'm still in pain, it still hurts to move my upper-body, and no one I've been able to talk to has offered any treatment that has had any notable effect. The doctor at the U of AZ said he didn't know what was causing my pain, but he insisted that he didn't think herniated disks were the cause of my symptoms.

After referring my case to another doctor on campus, a neurosurgeon who apparently specializes in pain, I was on my way out of the office and about to check out at the reception desk. All I wanted was one photo-copy of my intake form so I could have it for my own personal records, I will need to make a VA claim regarding my injury in the near future.

The staff proceeded to argue with me about why they didn't want to make my kindly requested copy, that it wasn't necessary for me to have it because they were giving me another referral form (which turned out to be a barely legible pink slip of paper with notes scribbled onto it) and tried to hurry me out the door despite my protests.

One employee proceeded to try and take my only copy of an MRI from me for keeps. Um, how 'bout NO!

With the VA as cluster-fucked as it is, even if that copy wasn't absolutely necessary for the process, I still want to keep MY OWN RECORDS regarding my injury. But I guess a 30-second copy-job for an injured Iraq Veteran is asking too goddamn much, silly me for being an undue burden to my country's medical system.

I guess I should have taken my undeserving broken-ass somewhere I belong like, gee I don't know... CONGRESS!

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