Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Declaration

My name is J. L. Chadbourne: I'm an artist, an OIF Veteran and an author. 

I'm currently working on a book about the Iraq War (but it's taking me longer than I'd like it to.)

I've been married to my amazing husband John for four years, no we don't have any kids but so far that's fine by us. I also have the world's greatest Best Friend, Ian, who currently resides in Maryland.

John and I are ruled by our two Feline Over-Lords, Mio and Mayu.

I met Neil Armstrong just over a year before he died, I have his autograph (somewhere...)

I've also met Justin Timberlake, Nikki Sixx and some members of Slayer. Oh yeah, and Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) but for a Republican she actually seemed like a decent human being to me. I doubt ANY of them remember me, though.

I'm obsessed with MINECRAFT.

I'm a pretty huge Nine Inch Nails fan! But I also like Glitch Mob, Bjork and even a bit of the ol' Ludwig-Van.

On occasion I read books and review them on YouTube, but I'd really like to do more than just that. But feel free to have a gander anyway.

I have done A LOT of stuff in my near 32 years of being alive, not all of it was good (but it sure wasn't all bad, either.) I have met some very amazing (and awful) people. I've even loved some of them, as well as genuinely hated others. There's lots of people that I know, but have never met: Certainly not for lack of wanting to.

I have three tattoos and I want more.
I have never seen the process of another human being be born, but I have watched several as they suddenly die.

No great big mystery behind any of it, that's just life (and death.) I think making shit up just complicates things far more than they need to be. Even I, after-all, am just a big walking sack of cells and I am not at all bothered by this.

My name is J. L. Chadbourne: I'm an Atheist.

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