Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obligatory 9-11 Post

It would seem one of my Tweets has some of my friends rather upset with me, and I can't quite say that I blame them either. False patriotism and "respect for the flag" is disingenuous, counter productive and exhausting. But before I continue, let me show you the Tweet in question:

Sure, I can very easily see why this might make some people mad. But allow me to further explain my sentiments in more than 140 characters.

Do I remember that day with images of burning steel and concrete turning into clouds of death? Of course I do. Do I recognize the horrible tragedy that is was with thousands of people dying suddenly in an inescapable and brutal act of terrorism, to the day THE WORST terrorist attack carried out on American soil? No one is disputing that, and it would be insane and outright cruel of me to say reflect on that day and just shrug my shoulders.

I also remember the days following when my fellow Americans sat back and did nothing when John Ashcroft, Dick Cheney and their buddies gang-raped our justice system and imprisoned our public thought processes by declaring "You're either with us or you're a fucking terrorist." 

Even more angering yet, it would seem my recent tweet has bumped me into that camp because after 12 years of Bush-Era intellectual zero-brain-activity domestic spying and punishment of dissenters, now I'm "A snobbish cunt."

Oh. Hell. No.

See, this is exactly the problem and 12 years later NO ONE HAS LEARNED THEIR DAMN LESSON! If you just want to wax patriotic and flag-fap then I won't stop you, there are as many ways to grieve and memorialize as there are people in the world. But I AM NOT going to be shoved into the same crate as the very dick-bags responsible for the attack because I expressed an unfavorable feeling: I can compare, in some circles, present-day feelings attached to "Patriot Day" (as Bush Jr himself dubbed this day exactly ONE YEAR after the attack) to the same or eerily similar emotional reaction, false or genuine, to George Orwell's "Minute of Hate" referenced in 1984: It's there to keep you busy enough not to notice how badly YOU'RE BEING FUCKED.

You want to express outrage at my "snobbish cuntiness?" Where was that outrage when Habeas Corpus was being dissolved and American citizens were being dragged off to secret prisons and TORTURED (it happened back then, it's still happening now) Where was that outrage when Bush Jr defied Congress & the UN and full-bore invaded Iraq because his imaginary friend told him too? 

So if you have outrage in abundance to call me names and say I'm Un-American because I'm sick of flag-fapping New-Idolatry, but you sat there and did nothing while "Freedom" began disappearing, you're a damn hypocrite.

You have every right to your opinions, and so do I.

I have no idea who's going to be in charge after Obama is out of office, so I'm going to express mine as loudly and as obviously as I can WHILE I CAN.

No, I'm not turning into a Republican, I'm just expressing an opinion based on 12 years of observation.

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